The Perils of Employer-Provided Technology – A SOMETHING BETTER Follow Up

My most recent Legal Matters article for Missouri NEA’s Something Better

Something Better – Summer 2013

magazine is now available online and I really hope that every teacher who uses district laptops (or tablets!) takes a moment to read through it.  More and more districts are providing technology for employees to use and take home, which creates all new perils for employees.  These dangers aren’t just for teacher’s employment but also for their pocketbook as many districts are planning on relying on employees to pay for lost, stolen, or destroyed technology.

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of employer-provided technology are the “Technology Use” agreements that have become so common place that many people fail to even read them.  Some districts are using these agreements, and the fact that people don’t really read them, to modify or expand the district’s right to go after the teacher for lost technology.  You can never be required to sign a document that would modify your legal rights.

MNEA members who have questions about their district’s “Technology Use” policies, or anything that they are being asked to sign, should contact their UniServ Director immediately.


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