Missouri Bar Posts Summary of Laws Passed in 2013

Anyone interested in seeing the myriad changes effected by the Missouri Legislature in the last session would do well to take a gander at the newest edition of the Missouri Bar Legislative Digest.  They have done a terrific job of providing easy to understand summaries of the many, many bills passed earlier this year (with links to the full text if you really want to dig into the details).  Additionally, they provide a handy index of bills by subject matter so that you can quickly see which bills will have the most impact on you.  Pair this Missouri Bar resource with the list of the Governor’s actions on each of these bills, you will find yourself well prepared for the veto session that is scheduled to start on Wednesday.

If you take the time to get educated on only one issue, I would urge you to look up the facts on House Bill 253.  This tax cut proposal, if Governor Nixon’s veto is overridden, is set to cut millions of dollars from education, mental health care, public works, and the legal system.  Learn the facts and then contact your representative so that we continue to put the children of Missouri first.


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