Public School Employee Resources

Here are a collection of websites for people looking for additional help.

Missouri National Education Association

  • Missouri NEA is the largest and most influential public school employee professional organization in Missouri.
  • Provides representation and advocacy for public school employees.
  • A first stop for every question related to public school employment.

MNEA Engagement Center

  • News and resources from the Missouri NEA member community.
  • Book, movie, and music reviews from Missouri public school employees.
  • Instant resources for professional help in your employment.

Missouri Human Rights Commission

  • The Missouri agency responsible for handling claims of discrimination.
  • Also administers the “No MO Bullying” program aimed at stopping student bullying.

Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

  • The Missouri agency that handles unemployment benefits and worker’s compensation claims.


3 responses to “Public School Employee Resources

  1. Deborah Antoine

    Is the article in the recent SOMETHING BETTER, “Downfalls of employer-provided laptops” available here for sharing?

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