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New Resources on Pregnancy and Lactation Rights

Pregnancy and Lactation PRresentation

Missouri NEA has developed two new resources that explain the legal rights of individuals related to pregnancy and lactation.  For those who just want a basic FAQ, there is a basic explanation designed so that anyone should be able to understand what rights they have (soon to appear on the Legal Q&A page of mnea.org and available here).

For individuals who prefer a more interactive explanation, they can use this automated Prezi that includes a full voice-over presentation on pregnancy and lactation rights.  The entire presentation only takes about 7 minutes and addresses not only rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act, but also the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and Family Medical Leave Act.  Either way you choose, Missouri NEA makes it easy to learn about your legal rights!

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Employer burned by social media

Just in case you misread that title, we are talking about an employer who learned the hard way that social media doesn’t just ruin employees lives.  It has gotten to the point that I am no longer surprised when an employee is facing termination (or worse) for something they did on social media (and if you are a public employee who tweets, facebooks, or is reading this very post during work time PLEASE STOP NOW!), so its nice to see The Employer Handbook Blog link to a Fair Labor Standards Act case where the employer’s social media use got them in all kinds of trouble.

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