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Social Media and Public Sector Employment

With the terrific title “Can’t Escape From the Memory” William A Herbert, the Deputy Chair of the New York Public Employment Relations Board, has created a thorough analysis of the interaction between social media use and public sector law.  Part of my job is traveling around Missouri and educating public school employees about the legal, and practical, realities of using social media.  Mr. Herbert’s paper does a great job of analyzing how social media use by public employees implicates free speech rights, privacy rights, and collective bargaining rights and is a must-read for public employees who regularly use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  Unfortunately, the only state-specific labor information is for New York, Michigan, and Florida, so public employees in Missouri will need to keep in mind that our legal structures here are a bit different.

Hit the jump for a brief analysis of the differences for Missourians and the paper’s official abstract. Continue reading

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Discrimination Law and the “Tort” Label

Fair warning, this post delves a bit into technical aspects of the structure of the law but these technicalities have real impact on how claims work out so I think it is worth talking about.

The Workplace Prof Blog recently pointed out an interesting working paper on discrimination law by Sandra Sperino of the University of Cincinnati School of Law entitled The Tort Label.  While you might be sitting there wondering why in the world a paper on discrimination law bears such a title, Ms. Sperino does a terrific job of explaining how our current approach to discrimination law may actually be short-circuiting the whole point of having anti-discrimination statutes in the first place.

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